CleanBoot Story

Reusable Overshoes in USA – The CleanBoot Advantage!

Many years ago, David Hall (a plumber in Australia) had a vision for a product that would take domestic contracting to a whole new level. His vision was to see all his workers able to enter a customer’s home in a clean and professional manner and leave the exact same way.

You see customer service was almost non existent back then, contractors would walk into the home or office with their big dirty boots on and leave footprints everywhere they went. (if you were lucky they would wear those paper/plastic disposable overshoes)

This was not good enough, proud home owners deserved a higher class of contractor and David wanted to change the way contractors would do business forever.

This gave birth to creating a Reusable Shoe Cover or Overshoe that is safe, aesthetically pleasing and a very useful overshoe for contractors and consumers alike.

He named his invention The Original CleanBoot, the first reusable overshoe in the world to be made from durable Neoprene. Waterproof and hard wearing.

Today, The CleanBoot is selling right across the USA and the world. Forget about those paper or plastic disposable overshoes, The Original CleanBoot replaces these outdated overshoes with a lightweight, long lasting neoprene Overshoes that not only looks great, but gives a great first impression.

Overshoes in North America – Helping Contractors, Dealerships, Consumer Markets & More!

Now The CleanBoot reusable Overshoes is being introduced to consumer and contractor markets.  Find out how The Original CleanBoot can help you accomplish tasks in your home or office, all the while performing them safely, comfortably, and cleanly.

Consumers have also used The Original CleanBoot as a shoe protection that can be worn in a reverse application and worn over slippers to get the paper, over muddy shoes or boots before entering vehicles, the uses are endless.

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If you are a Home Owner or a Contractor that wants to give a great first impression, you’ll appreciate The CleanBoot Overshoes because…

  • It is great for protecting your nice new carpet, hardwood flooring, and tile floors from dirt, debris or any mess.
  • Professionals who use
  • The Original CleanBoot when doing work around your house shows that they care and respect your property.
  • The Original CleanBoot is washable and reusable. It comes in sizes for everyone in your house: men, women and children.
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