Plastic Boot Covers Vs Reusable Boot Covers

Washable Reusable Boot Covers

For some people, like residential contractors, shoe covers act as a means to keep their clients’ finished flooring or carpets clean and damage-free. In today’s progressively green culture, many companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by generating less waste. For those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to paper or plastic boot covers, reusable boot covers offer a perfect solution.

Plastic Boot Covers

Disposable Boot Covers

The only reusable boot cover

Reusable Boot Covers

Cost Factor

While disposable shoe covers seem like a profitable investment at first, they tend to be more expensive than the reusable options. A box of 150 disposable booties cost around $65 that cannot last more than 4 months with regular use.

A single pair of The Original CleanBoot, in comparison, costs around $29.99 and can be used for 3-6 months with proper care and maintenance.


Although, both reusable and plastic shoe covers are designed to serve a similar purpose i.e. to provide your client’s flooring protection against dust and debris, the plastic boot covers have been known to make your work boot look like it’s in a garbage bag.Also, the lack of contouring and finish in the stitching leaves them ill-fitting and floppy.

The Original CleanBoot covers in contrast are more aesthetically appealing and contoured. They come with glued seams and an over-lock stitch that will last longer. Lastly, they seamlessly slip over your existing work boots.


Disposable boot covers work best in conditions where a boot is exposed to minimal dust and debris. It’s perfectly okay if you’re planning to buy plastic shoe covers for occasional use. But, if you work as a renovation contractor, you need something more sturdy and durable to avoid tracking in dirt. Also, disposable shoe covers are prone to tears & leaks once they get wet.

The Original CleanBoot covers are made from 100% neoprene, making them very durable. They remain intact when exposed to harsh weather conditions. They can be used over and over again with little maintenance and care, meaning you can keep your client’s home dirt-free and safe as long as the Original CleanBoot covers are with you.

Environmental Impact

Today, more and more companies and homeowners are going green. They prefer products that can help them reduce their carbon footprint. Plastic shoe covers generate more waste than reusable alternatives.

The Original CleanBoot covers are reusable and water resistant. With proper maintenance, you can use your CleanBoot covers for as long as you want. This significantly reduces the environmental impact, making reusable shoe covers the top choice for eco-friendly companies and homeowners.


While the purpose of both disposable booties & reusable shoe covers is the same, paper or plastic shoe covers are usually slippery on smooth surfaces, especially on tiled floorings.

The Original CleanBoot covers come with an added benefit of slip resistance. Also, the light-weight neoprene gives them additional water resistance, making them a perfect fit for everyday use.


Since you have to buy a full box of disposable boot covers, it becomes really stressful to store them in the right place so you can be sure to take a pair every day.

By using the Original CleanBoot boot covers, you can keep a single pair with you without worrying about the storage.

“If you’re really looking to provide your workers with a functional pair of boot covers that ensure stability, durability and wash ability, then look no further, The Original CleanBoot is the product that provides all of that and more!”