Compression socks and boot brush

Foot care is important especially if you want to stay active all day. The Original CleanBoot® has identified this need and introduced two amazing products which are designed with your wellness and comfort in mind.

The Original CleanBoot® Compression Socks

The Original CleanBoot®, Boot Brush

The Original CleanBoot® Compression Socks


  • 1. Wide top band for comfort.
  • 2. Calf support and stabilization.
  • 3. Achilles tendon protection to prevent blistering and   irriation.
  • 4. “Y” heel for contoured perfect fit.
  • 5. Padded footbed provides cushion & shock   absorption.
  • 6. Breathable mesh instep to keep your feet cool and   dry.

The Original CleanBoot® , Boot Brush


  • 1. Brass/Perlon®bristles scrape dirt off nylon, suede   and nubuck uppers
  • 2. Soft, textured rubber edge cleans light colored areas   and erases scuffs on nubuck leather
  • 3. Rubber tip removes dirt from grooves and crevices
  • 4. Comb teeth clean out caked-on dirt from lug soles
  • 5. To remove dirt and grease marks, use the dry eraser   and then brush with the soft bristle side


“Introducing a host of great foot care products has always been part of our mission. To take a step further, we have just launched two amazing products namely the Original CleanBoot®  Compression Socks and a multi-use Boot brush. Both these products will help you continue an active and convenient life. We’ve used premium-quality material with functionality and comfort as basic perquisites. We hope you’ll like these new additions to The CleanBoot Family.”

The Original CleanBoot® Compression Socks – Your Advantages

  • Helps with blood circulation which keeps you active throughout the day
  • Helps you become more productive at work by assisting with foot fatigue.
  • Great for travellers
  • Prevents foot swelling and ache
  • Better blood circulation helps speed up recovery
  • Alleviates foot soreness
  • Gives athletic feel
  • One Size fits Most.

The Original CleanBoot® , Boot Brush – Benefits

  • Gives perfect cleaning for your suede, nylon and nubuck uppers
  • The product flaunts a 4-way functionality and is ideal for deep shoe/ boot cleaning
  • Soft and comb bristle sides to handle different shoe materials and textures
  • Perfect cleaning tool for boots
  • Brass/Perlon crafted Multi-purpose design
  • Ideal for gentle/aggressive cleaning
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Easy to carry and simple to use
  • Great for your daily shoe maintenance

Whether you’re a traveller or your current job keeps you on your feet, these products are a sure-fire way to help increase productivity and reduce maintenance time. Make sure to send us your feedback, we’d love to hear what you think.