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“The Original CleanBoot™  covers seamlessly slip over any size boot to provide protection of floors against soil and debris caused by dirty shoes.”

The Original CleanBoot &

Bryan Baeumler

The Original CleanBoot™ , a washable, reusable 100% Neoprene boot cover, is announcing a partnership with HGTV’s Gemini Award-winning, Bryan Baeumler.

Bryan Baeumler is the star of HGTV shows such as House of Bryan, Bryan Inc, Leave it to Bryan, Disaster DIY, and the highest rated HGTV Canada show in over 10 years, Island of Bryan.

“The environmental impact and waste that is associated with plastic disposable booties is very concerning. A washable, reusable, 100% neoprene boot cover allows us to minimize our carbon footprint, keep costs down and above all, allows our workers to work clean and safe”
– Bryan Baeumler, HGTV Host

About Bryan Baeumler and the Baeumler Brand

A television host on several HGTV/HGTV Canada shows, Bryan Baeumler has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the U.S. for over seven years on his hit shows House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, and Leave it to Bryan. Bryan Baeumler also stars on Bryan Inc., Home to Win, Canada’s Handyman Challenge and the latest success, Island of Bryan.

The Baeumler Brand includes Baeumler Construction, Baeumler Approved, Baeumler Productions, Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids. Each and every one of his companies prides itself on professionalism, respect, and quality workmanship. Bryan is also currently a spokesperson for RBC Royal Bank.

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